Pool Rules

Lexington Swim Club

Pool Rules 2018


Posted Rules

Miscellaneous rules are posted around the pool area. This sheet only discusses some of the more important rules. If any clarifications are needed please ask the manager, one of the guards, or a board member.


‘Baby’ Pool

The baby pool is to be used by only non-swimmers and/or children ages 5 and under with adult supervision. Parents must be inside the baby pool fence while they are supervising the children in their care. The pool lifeguards do not watch the baby pool so supervision by adults is required. Swimming by children older than 5 is not permitted.


Swimming Test

Each year children 15 and under must pass a swimming competency test before they can be in water above their waist without adult supervision. Swimmers 10 and older must pass the test before they can be left alone at the pool.


Baby Sitters

A. Adult sitters of non-swimmers are expected to continuously supervise the children in their care in and out of the water. They must in the water when non-swimmers are in the water.

B. Non-member grandparents are welcome at our pool if they are added to the family membership.

C.  “Swimmer” means a child who has passed the annual swimming test.

D. All sitters must be listed on the family’s membership

F. If parents have hired non-member sitters for the summer, those sitter may bring the member children as long as they are included in registration

Guest Policy

Guests must be accompanied by a member in good standing and must sign in. In town guests are allowed five visits per swim season for $5 a visit. Out of town guests have the same privileges as members but must come with a member in good standing.


The safety of our swimmers is most important. If there are members or guests who violate safety rules or display any other inappropriate behavior the staff of the swim club (and or board) have the authority to correct the situation.