Pay Online

Membership Forms and Membership Information

To pay online click the “Buy Now” button below, a new window/tab will open and take you our TOAST page. From here you can add memberships, pay for fun events and swim team. You can also purchase gift cards.

Please note – The Single Student membership is only those that are school aged children (ages 11-17) that will be coming to the pool alone. ** AGE AS OF May 25, 2023 ** There is a cap on family membership of $600. **All STUDENT Memberships require TWO forms:  the Membership Registration Form AND the Parental Consent form. If you have a child between the ages of 11 and 17, you are required to complete the Parent Release Form.


This season we will be using cash, credit card or Concession Gift Cards. To use the concession card you will need to purchase it online or at the Snack Shack (concession stand). When you purchase the card, you can purchase a physical card or ecard. The ecard is assigned to a phone number and that phone number will receive a QR code/gift card to use when purchasing items (food, paying for events or fees). If someone does not have the physical card or a phone – we can use the phone number attached to the card. With this new upgrade, parents/people can add funds to their account without sending cash or coming in to pay! You can also see all transactions.

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